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Schaefer Lady Fitness OPEN DOORS!!

Looking for a fitness only for women?  You can find it in Lausanne!!! Go visit them during their open doors at Rue Saint- Martin 9.

Founded in 1968, Schaefer Lady Fitness is the only Fitness in the region of Lausanne created for Women. Funny enough, the founder was a man and the existing owner is also a man.

I remember when I first started to go to my fitness club at the age of 24, there used to be a women section where I was doing my gym. I did not feel comfortable being seen by some of my former male colleagues, and was happy to be able to discreetly do my workout.

Thanks to its human size, and far from these industrial chains of big fitness clubs, this unique place is a private “club” where women can gather in full discretion and do their gym without being intimidated. Recently refreshed, it’s really a niche place where any women from all ages, origins, horizons and all physics can meet in an intimate place, away from the sometimes very heavy and indiscreet men’s look.

I highly encourage you to go and visit them, you will be received and treated as the Queen you are.

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