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“I want my daughter to grow up in a world where young girls and women across all communities are accepted, respected and free to voice their opinion”  -Miss B






Dear Reader,

Welcome to Meet Miss B! A sacred space dedicated to my journey exploring causes and topics that are very close to my heart.  A platform that aims to inspire women all over the world by connecting them to a powerful global network of inspirational women.

At the core of everything sits my strong driving force: to educate, empower and influence women through edifying real life stories from our local ‘Sheroes”. These are every day women who prove to us that the world can be anything we choose it to be and not what people tell us it is.  I aim to shape a future for our daughters that is bathed in confidence and the assurance that they can turn any dream into reality.

A little bit about me …

I am a mother, a daughter, and a wife. I spent the last 16 years in the financial service sector in various upper managerial positions that were largely dominated by men. I often found myself confronted by remarks, challenges, successes but also failures.

Like most of the women, I too was constantly asked to make choices. To decide between a career or motherhood, to approach my male colleagues through my gentle graces or a more assertive demeanor, wear high heels or trainers, be a girl or be a geek! Today I chose to stop making those choices and I just want to live life without being constantly questioned.

I want my daughter to be open to everything and not bound by conformity. She keeps asking me the same question:”Do unicorns and fairies exist? Because I want them to exist but I never met one and some people tell me that they don’t”. And I keep answering her the same thing: “Yes they do exist! they might be hidden in secret places but do appear sometimes in different shapes. Keep all your senses wide opened and never stop believing!”

This is my first step toward a fantastic journey and I encourage you to come and explore it with me as I commend the women and men who strive to create a world our children deserve.

Please feel free to encourage me and enlighten me with your own beautiful stories along the way!

Miss B