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Reem: a woman who makes a difference

Reem Atalla Habayeb was recently recognized as one the eight women who made a difference in 2017. Let’s remember what true empowerment means and let’s be inspired by her amazing action and devotion.

Some of us talk and some of us act and Rania is definitely part of the last group. I wanted to share with you Reem’s wonderful project and story.

Reem is originally from Jordan. She is the co-founder of Silsal Design House, which started as a social development workshop, aiming to help Jordanian artists and artisans, mainly women. It has grown into an upmarket home ware company that designs and manufactures contemporary dinnerware, home accessories and furniture (visit Silsal Design House website).

She is also the Chairperson of the board of S.O.S Children’s village in Jordan and has been working hard all her life to help women and children. Selected as the Jordanian representative by her 46 peers at the IWF Jordan Chapter, Reem was praised “for her lifetime efforts in empowering women and children in Jordan”, during the award ceremony that concluded the international conference held in Houston on October 25-27 (full article in the Jordan Times).

Please watch her video and join me in congratulating Reem for her huge achievement and constant devotion.