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Open Letter to Working Women

As Beth Crocker explained on her Linked In article, “Women need to do more than “Lean In””, in reference to Sherryl Sandberg’s book and movement. “We need to lead.”. Full stop!

My husband shared with me that article (thank you 😘) so the recognition goes to him!

I love the TV series “Scandal” and the main character Olivia Pope of course. She is so feminine, elegant, sensitive but so powerful and determined at the same time. I will not tell you the whole story behind because it would take more than a couples of lines, but a must watch if you do not know it yet. Her father, Papa Pope, a former commanding officer for CIA division of B613 (but still in command no matter what), always used to tell her: “You can’t take command, command takes you!”.

Meaning if you want to be in command, you have to behave as if you have it already, as a commander. Don’t expect it to come to you. And this is exactly what Beth Crocker explains. Be a leader and don’t wait for things to come. Go get them!

Please Read full article  and share as much as you can. And I truly believe this is applicable not only to professional environment but everywhere.