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Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs?

I first saw this video on Mother’s Day this year but is actually dated 2011. So more than 6 years ago already, and my daughter is 5,5 years! If only I knew 🙂  It highlights a subject that was topical 10’000 years ago and will always be in 10’000 years. It mainly compares and finally recognises the extreme challenges mother have to face, to the one faced by new entrepreneurs.

I don’t think that you will ever find a mother who will tell you that she was prepared well enough to deal with a child birth, and especially everything that comes after. And I am definitely not an exception in that field! Most of my girl’s friends were worrying about the pregnancy and the delivery, or just simply enjoying the moment. I was lucky because I had a very smooth pregnancy, except the first terrific quarter where, cherry on the cake, I have been travelling like mad for business. When people were talking about delivery, in my head there was no choice anyway, it had to go out one way or another. The only real thing that was really scaring me was the after: how to look after a child and raise him!

During her inspiring TED talk, Jill Salzman (see full biography) explains how raising children, develop “skills than can rival any business leader!-  skills like problem solving, time management, and constant learning and improving—and many do this on their own. In other words, all moms are essentially entrepreneurs. ” as introduced in the Lean In library of experts talks.

Seat down a minute and think about it. The challenges new entrepreneurs and moms are facing are very similar:
– dealing with a new “carrier”
– multi- tasking, oh Yes!!!! definitely mum’s biggest quality
– financing for some people as raising a baby costs
– team building with your “partner” or any “team member” that could join
– innovation, being a visionnaire, think outside the box to find solutions
– dealing with the unknown !!!! biggest challenge ever
– loneliness unfortunately
– rule making as you need to setup some if you want to survive
– decision making as you have to be able to take them quickly
– achieving life balance with your partner and you also your own activities as they will allow you to breath and gain some energy back
– remain positive, ALWAYS, because you do not have the choice
– and finally moving on

There is also one that no one seems to mention: lack of sleep or very few hours (3-5 hours) and still being to wake up and deal with everything. Still today, when I have not slept much and have a long day waiting for me, I tell myself “Don’t worry, you will manage it as you are used to!”

There is so much to say about the subject but to summarise, it is all about improvisation, flexibility and constant adaptation! And a special dedication to women in the most disadvantages countries on earth who constantly challenge the biggest difficulties on a daily basis in order to feed their family. These women are the one that benefit the most from micro- finance: without any expertise or education, they create little businesses and managing them very well while raising their kids and taking care of their family.

So don’t be afraid, if you think about launching a new project,  don’t be afraid, roll up your sleeves and get down to work, because you know already the basics about being an entrepreneur!