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Little B and the Mermaids

I am proud to share with you the first article written by my daughter Little B, about her favorite topic and long term friends: the MERMAIDS.

Little B has taken part in Meet Miss B’s project since the very beginning (picture attached).
On Sunday mornings, each of us was working on our computers respectively,  still wearing our pyjamas!

I promised her that one day, she could chose a subject and I would help her write an article about it. Isn’t it part of young girl’s education? Show them that they can do anything, involve them, stand by their side, and help them realise their dreams.

She decided to write about her very long-time friends, the mermaids.  For your information, the text is truly hers, simply translated, and that she also chose the picture to illustrate her article.

So here it is.

English version

“First and most important, if you happen to see mermaids, please do not kill them.

  • What’s a mermaid? They look like humans but with a tailfin. They can have different colors like in a rainbow, shales to cover their breast with a string like a bikini.
  • Where can we find them? They live in oceans and see, deep down, in a secret palace with their tribes and with their friends the fishes. Just like unicorns, they are magical creatures, and need to be protected. They can be located in different countries too.

If you see one, please let me know!♥

  • What are their main activities? They love reading, singing (they have a beautiful voice), play with their the fishes et swim with the dolphins. They are also very curious and like to observe humans on the shores or on their boats. But it’s Dangerous. They also play at “touch the tailfin”
  • What’s the main danger they face ? to be caught by bad humans by seeking to observe them.
  • Who are the most famous one? Ariel, Barbie Mermaid and the mermaids in Peter Pan’s Wonderland.
  • Why are they important to you? Because even if we can not see them, I believe in them deep inside my heart.

French version (for her French readers mainly)

Tout d’abord le plus important, si vous voyez une sirène, ne les tuez pas.

  • Qu’est-ce qu’un sirène: comme une humaine mais avec une queue de poisson. Elles peuvent être de toutes les couleurs, des coquillages pour cacher les seins avec un fil comme un bikini. De toutes les couleurs et arc- en ciel.
  • On peut les trouver tout au fond de la mer dans un palais secret de sirènes et de poissons. Ce sont des êtres vivants mais magiques, comme par exemple les licornes et qu’elles sont protégées. Issues de différents pays.

Si vous en voyez une, avertissez moi.

  • Activités: Elles peuvent lire, chanter (une très jolie voix), amis avec les poissons et nager avec les dauphins, observer les humains mais c’est dangereux, jouer à touche nageoire. Elles peuvent sortir de l’eau.
  • Les dangers qu’elles encourent: comme elles sont trop curieuses d’observer les humains et les princes, elle peuvent se faire attraper.
  • Quelles sont les plus célèbres? Ariel, celles qui sont dans le pays imaginaire de Peter Pan, Barbie Sirène.
  • Pourquoi elles ont importantes pour moi. Parce que même si on n’en a jamais vu, j’y crois dans mon cœur.

Love, Little B