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Don’t forget Ahed Tamimi

Everybody seems to have forgotten….This 16 years old Palestinian girl is still in prison since December 19th and will be kept in custody until the end of her trial who is supposed to start this Wednesday January 31st.

“Ahed Tamimi, 16, was detained last month during an overnight raid on her home in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh after a video of the teen slapping and hitting Israeli soldiers went viral. Shortly before, her 15-year-old cousin was severely wounded after Israeli forces shot him point-blank in the face with a rubber bullet.” as per Al Jazeera article on January 18th 2017 (Read full story)

Even thought I am standing with the women fighting against sexual harassment and any other form of injustice against women, let’s not forget that some very young girls, every where in the world, are also resisting and fighting for their basic rights of simply being free in their home country.

Unfortunately, Ahed is not part of a group of celebrities that can use events such as the Golden Globe to voice her opinion. She is 16 years old and was born into occupation country and in these occupied territories you have “two set of laws” as her lawyer Gaby Lasky said. She started to fight at a very young age and has never given up. Without gun and only a few resources mainly stones, her biggest weapon is provocation and courage!

Apart from the human rights groups, no one seems to do anything.

Let’s not forget, let’s show her and the world that we do care, that she is the symbol of the consequences of this everlasting war. Despite the charges against her, if something worse happens to her, we can not say that we did not know!