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Good night stories for Rebel Girls

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavalli have written this book that must absolutely be read to all the little girls.  This is exactely the type of projects I would love MeetMissB to be associated to. Girl’s education is a theme which is extremely close to my heart and this book is totally aligned with it.

Like most of us, they realised that most of the traditional stories we (girls) heard growing up were fairy tales with princes and happy endings. They never really underlines stories where gils were adventurers who decided to fulfill their potential or change their destiny. As Elena and Francesca say in their below advertising campaign, ” by the time girls reach elementary schools, they already have less confidence than boys” . It is said that “IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN BE IT”.

“Good night stories for Rebel Girls” , through a 100 stories with beautiful illustrations, tells stories to girls about real women who achieved incredible real things. Astronauts, chefs, artists, athletes, judges… basically women in every possible fields of activity. The purpose is to demonstrate to “Every girl you know deserves to grow up thinking that she can be anything she wants”. They need to integrete it as early as possible and this has to be a natural inner way of thinking.

And this is a philosophy I started applying to my daughter from her birth. Be confident and be who you want! A little story to illustrate it. When she was 3, we were driving to school and she noticed a women driving a big van full coming out from a place where they store gas tanks. And she told me “look Maman, a woman driving a van, this should be a man thing no?”. And I replied that “this is what poeple try to make you think, that some jobs are made for women and others not, but that if you really want to drive a van, then you will be able to if you want. Never let anyone tells you what a girl can or can not do!”. Of course i also explained that this what not the easiest job for neither a man nor a woman.

As they also explain on their website, “But, by any means, read these stories to your sons! It is crucial that they learn to identify and empathize also with female heroes”

I wish this book all the success it deserves and would happy to assist spreading the word around. For French speakers, the French version is on preparation 🙂

Listen to Rebel Girls advertising- If Cinderalla were a guy