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Shireen, artist and reiki master

Shireen and I met when we used to work for a big international privage bank in Geneva. Imagine my surprise when, a few years later, I discovered she became Reiki Master!
Whenever I write the story of a woman, most of the time a friend or someone from my entourage, I realise how lucky I am to be surrounded by extremely generous people.
Shireen is definitely one of them. She has a huge heart, an unbelievable sensitivity and a constant smile in her eyes. Like many of us, she went through different challenges in her life, but she never gave up, stand in front of each problem with grace and elegance, and found her way to self happiness.

  • Age, Origin               50, born in Alexandria (Egypt) and Swiss
  • Background              Business and Management
  • Civil status                Married, two children
  • Profession                 Reiki, energetic healing and life coaching

Who is She Shireen has been living most of her life in Geneva and like most of the “Genevois” that I know, she used to be Private Banker until 2011. She also spent some time in Boston. It’s important to understand that her job of Private Banker was not offered to her. She started to work again after her divorce, and you can guess it has not been easy at all- and she worked hard to get to be come a successful private banker and I found it important to highlight it. Shireen is a fighter!

Major challenges in her life She replied without any hesitation “Overcoming 25 years of Anorexia and Bulimia”. I believe there is nothing else to add.

What was the trigger Shireen will refer to Reiki as a person. When I asked how did it all started, she simply answered: “Reiki entered my life in 2008 , after going through three operations and an internal hemorrhage in one year”..She always believed that the “body talks but did not realize how much until a friend one day proposed a Reiki session”. So it triggered her curiosity and after having tried or should i say “received” several sessions, she decided to do her first level of Reiki
First level?!? Well I think at this stage, a little bit more information on Reiki is necessary.  

So Shireen, tell us more, WHAT IS REIKI? “It is a hand imposition technique that was discovered and founded by a Japanese Monk, Mikao Usui. There are four levels in Reiki to become a Master and each level is done over a week-end. Reiki is transmitted through an initiation protocole. When I first started learning Reiki, it was more for myself. It brought me peace of mind and serenity, helped me recover from my health problems and mostly made me overcome totally anorexia and bulimia. Never would I have thought that one day, it would become my main professional activity. I just became evident to me one day that I wanted to share with as many people as possible all it brought me.” she explains.

Who are your typical patients and what do you cure i.e. why would we need to come and see you She has patients from all ages and all walks of life. Reiki will “increase the vibratory rate of the body to be able to switch the self-healing ability we all have. There is no healing, there is only self-healing, we just need to be aware of that and activate it. Reiki will “wake up our inner doctor” and increase that ability” she said. And she adds: “It takes time to go back to the source of discomfort, illness.”

So how does Reiki works Shireen describes it as follows:
“- Reiki care causes a deep relaxation that facilitates letting go and dissolves energy blockages.
– The vital energy increases, as well as the self-healing capabilities of our body, and the immune system is strengthened.
– Reiki enhances the natural capacities of our being to regenerate and is therefore very effective for convalescents, victims of   accidents or sickness and for people undergoing surgery.
– Reiki relieves many ailments and diseases including: sleep disorders, insomnia, eating disorders, headaches, back pain, digestive problems.
– Reiki will help when it comes to self-esteem and negative thoughts,stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue.
– Reiki will promote the return of serenity, increase self-confidence, help with letting go, mobilize and relax tissues, eliminate toxins, improve tissue regeneration as well as toning and stimulation in general.”

It is important to note that Reiki is compatible with any other medical or paramedical treatment. The effectiveness of medicines and remedies is enhanced while reducing side effects.

What do you prefer the most as a Reiki Master? And how you do feel now? Shireen’s reply is full of generosity as alays “I love to share with my students and clients. Reiki is a path to Self. I realized that one first searches for solutions to different problems outside oneself, it is only when one turns it’s consciousness within, that the solutions arise and that the problems fade away. I can sincerely say that Reiki made miracles in my life and this is why I love to share it with as many people as possible, by giving Reiki sessions and by transmitting all levels of Reiki Usui and Reiki Karuna.”

You are also painting? When did you start and why?  “Yes, I have always loved drawing and painting but never really had time to explore this path. Reiki boosted my creativity and painting became an evidence as well. As mentioned above, I believe in the incredible ability of the human being to rebound and to self-heal. It is this optimism and above all the energy that is transmitted through my canvases. My emotions and my desire to give hope and guide others to find their balance are expressed through my paintings.”
She is often being asked where do she find the inspiration and she often answers “I do not know where it comes from. I feel that I am like a canal and something bigger than me expresses itself through my paintings.Self-taught, my painting is abstract, energetic and inspired. In my paintings, everyone will see what they want, see that part of themselves that will vibrate or not, that they will appreciate or not …The aim is to go to the encounter of one’s true self. Since 2012 I expose regularly.”

The advice you would give to any women who wants to change carrier and/ or start a new one “I would tell them to follow their hearts, not their heads. We all know deep inside what we are here for, what calls us, but then the head comes in to say: be realistic, you “should” do this or that, you need to pay your bills, etc…. We attract to us what we vibrate, if we act because of fear of lacking or not being loved, or whatever we fear, we will encounter obstacles for us to see our fears, to see the parts of us that we do not know, that are unconscious. We succeed because of who we are, not what we do. And we are all here for a reason.”
When she first resigned from Private Banking, she was afraid of not succeeding, of not earning enough money to sustain herself and her children. Then the minute she realized that “being a catalyst for others, through my energetic healing, Reiki or my paintings, was the only thing that was calling me, and when I surrendered to that internal calling, I started selling paintings, being asked to exhibit in different places and started getting more and more clients. What we persist, resists. So I would tell them to follow their passion and trust that all that happens in life is for the best and for us to find unity within and peace of mind.”

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More about Shireen

  • Biggest regrets: I have no regrets, as I know today that all that happened in my life was there to make me see who I really am. This does not mean that certain things were not extremely difficult or painful when going through them, but today I am grateful for every thing that happened in my life.
  • Lessons learned: All that happens, happens for a perfect reason and that nothing happens by luck. Everything happens perfectly for our own good. Whenever I fear something, I go to it’s encounter, as what we resist, persists.
  • Dreams: To continue being who I am and share all I have to share with as many people as possible. It is an very strong inner call to be a catalyst for people to open their heart and their consciousness.
  • Models in life: celebrities and anonymous : Soeur Emmanuelle – Nelson Mandela – Gregory Mutombo
  • Favorite leitmotiv, or quote or expression? (ex. never give up, etc….) “It is only with the heart that one can really see; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. Saint Exupery
  • Advice to any woman or young lady: Dare to BE and do not let anyone take you away from your dreams.